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Aquaclear saltwater pool chlorinators

AquaClear salt water pool chlorinators

Cape Pool Renovators supply and install quality pumps & filters and Aquaclear saltwater chlorinators

AQUACLEAR saltwater pool chlorinators are designed, manufactured and assembled locally in Cape Town.

Quality tested, these are high quality and affordable saltwater chlorinators.

Each unit is housed in a powder-coated, white aluminium casing which is highly durable and rust resistant. AQUACLEAR products use a reverse polarity technology; this results in long term reliability (note that the electrode has a shelf-life of 2-3 years and can be easily replaced).

AQUACLEAR units are simple to operate and can be easily installed into either new or existing filtration systems. The control unit is fitted with a salt output indicator, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustment.

Aquaclear saltwater pool chlorinators

AQUACLEAR has 4 saltwater chlorinator models available:

0 - 50,000 Lt.X X
50,000 - 100,000 Lt.XX
Manually clean the ElectrodeXX
Self-cleaning ElectrodeXX
Adjustable OutputXXXX
2 Year GuaranteeXXXX
Lifetime non-corrosion Guarantee on CasingXXXX
Q: How does an Aquaclear chlorinator keep my pool water clean?
A: Aquaclear chlorinators automatically convert sodium chloride (salt) into sodium hypochlorite. This eliminates the need to add chlorine to your pool or spa.
Q: How often do I need to add salt?
A: Aqua Clear chlorinators are fitted with a gauge that informs you when salt needs to be added. Generally every 3 months or after extended rainfall.
Q: How much salt is required for my pool?
A: 0.5% salt to water ratio.
Q: Can an Aquaclear chlorinator be fitted to an existing pool filter system?
A: Yes
Q: What types of pools can an Aquaclear chlorinator be fitted to?
A: All types – fibreglass, gunite, poolcrete, vinyl, etc.
Q: How much does salt cost and where is it sold?
A: R25 per 20kg bag. Salt is sold at most large supermarkets and at all pool shops.

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